Wood Carvings by Bill - a tribute to artist Bill Windsor of Olds, Alberta, Canada
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Bill has called upon his experience and professional training as an instructor to introduce and extend the art of wood carving to a variety of participants. Of note were 40+ grade 3ers, the Sundre High School art class and a session with Long-Term Care residents.

Supplying cut-outs, printed guides and specialty items, Bill's courses offer opportunity to various levels of experience. His patience at these sessions matches that used while etching intricate detail in the pieces he creates.

As demand presents itself and time permits, courses are scheduled. Course duration is defined and is basically the product of the course's complexity combined with the competence of the participants. This requires pre-registration information.

If you are interested in learning about wood carving or trying your hand at transforming a block of wood into a commemorative masterpiece, contact Bill (see my Contact page). He is always eager to show off his work and give a helping hand to those interested in joining the wood carving fraternity.

Bill is also willing and prepared to facilitate carving exercises for courses and workshops hosted by groups and organizations. If your group or organization would like to host a wood carving class or workshop, contact Bill (see my Contact page) to discuss the possibilities.
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