Wood Carvings by Bill - a tribute to artist Bill Windsor of Olds, Alberta, Canada
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Bill at the Alberta Arts Show in Olds.
Welcome, and thank you for visiting with me on the web. I am honoured to share my work, its variety, its strengths and its frailties with you. I have worked with Aspen and the bark of Balsam Poplar, jelutong, cedar, redwood, basswood, tupelo, willow and antler bone. While all have brought pleasing results, my Gesswein and Ram power carvers favour the Louisiana swamp wood tupelo. Carving bark "in the round" is proving gratifying, not because of finite detail but rather it's the wood's natural patterns.

It was the urge to share and to possibly tinder a spark that gave rise to this site. It is the expertise and compassion of Windsor Graphics that has resulted in my desires coming to fruition. The primary thrust is exposition.

If you experience any difficulty navigating the Gallery, there is a "Gallery Help" there to assist you. The Gallery is the showcase of my work and the primary focus of this website. As such it is important that you find navigation of the Gallery easy and a pleasant visiting experience.

I can be contacted through the information provided on my Contact page. I welcome your input.

Sincerely, Bill
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